Q. I think there may be a CO2 leak. What should I do?

A. If you suspect a leak in your CO2 or beverage system, first open any outside doors to ventilate out any possible carbon dioxide build ups. CO2 displaces oxygen and does not support life. CO2 is heavier than air and will collect in low-lying areas such as basements and stairwells. Special care should be taken before entering enclosed spaces such as coolers, closets or basements. These spaces should be well ventilated before entering to check CO2 supply or to look for leaks. If a life threatening situation is apparent call 911 immediately. Call our 24-hour emergency number for additional assistance.

The most common places to check for CO2 leaks are:

  • Empty Bag-in-Box causing a soda syrup pump to operate continuously
  • Loose keg fittings and couplers.

If you have found or suspect a leak, please call our office to notify us of the change in usage at 615-394-4998.

Q. I see ice on the side of the CO2 tank?

A. Frost is normal during periods of high usage. Continuous ice accumulation is a sign that there is a steady CO2 leak somewhere downstream from the CO2 tank. Record CO2 system gauge readings and call our 24-hour service number for additional support at 615-394-4998. Read “I think there may be a CO2 leak. What should I do?” listed above for additional instructions.

Q. Am I out of CO2?

A. Locate the gauge at the top center of the tank. It looks like a typical automobile fuel gauge shaped like a half moon reading Empty, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and Full. It will be labeled #1. There are two other round gauges on the top of the tank. The supply gauge (Usually with a black gauge face labeled #3) reads 0-160 psi. The vessel pressure gauge (Usually with a white gauge face labeled #2) reads 0-400 psi.

If the vessel pressure gauge reads less than 100psi, the tank does not have enough pressure to operate correctly. If the vessel pressure gauge reads below 100psi call our emergency service number immediately for further assistance: 615-394-4998. Have all three gauge readings ready to give to the service person.

Q: My Nitrogen Separator is making a “Ding Ding” sound?

A. Our nitrogen separators are equipped with an over-run alarm. Most often the alarm is telling you about possible leaks in your kegged beer or wine system. Commonly a tapping device left off of a keg leaking gas is the source of the alarm. Check keg cooler for leaks using “bubbly” glass cleaner or call our 24-hour service number for assistance: 615-394-4998. Read “I think there may be a CO2 leak” above for safety tips.

Q. Am I out of Nitrogen?

A. If you are using a Nitrogen Separator for your beer/ wine system locate the “Storage Pressure” gauge located on the bottom right face of the green separator box. If it reads 80 psi or higher you are not out of nitrogen. If you are using nitrogen cylinders check the 0-3000 psi gauge on the regulator that attaches to the red nitrogen cylinder. If the gauge reads less than 100 psi the nitrogen cylinder on line is empty. Switch regulator to your spare cylinder and call 615-394-4998 to let us know you switched to your backup cylinder.

Q. Why is my beer foamy or flat?

A. Most often problems in temperature are the cause of foamy or flat beer. Either too cold or too warm of a keg cooler will cause foamy beer. Other common problems are incorrect gas blends, gas pressures or the gas supply has been shut off in the cooler. Contact your local draught beer technician or call our service number 615-394-4998 for further assistance.

Q. Why is my soda flat?

A. Most often a lack of ice in the fountain machine or on the bar gun cold plate is the cause of the problem. Cold Plates should be completely covered in ice for a minimum of 15 minutes before correct carbonation returns. Also see “Am I out of CO2” above to check you have proper CO2 pressure.

Q. I hear a pumping sound near my soda system, what is it?

A. The pumping sound coming from your Bag-in-Box rack is a syrup pump supplied by your soda supplier. If the pump is hissing or pumping continuously this is a problem that needs immediate attention. Try checking and replacing any empty syrup boxes to stop the pump. If the pump continues to make noise call your soda provider immediately for further assistance.

Q: The soda only dribbles syrup and makes a hissing sound when I try to use it?

A. Your soda carbonator has lost power or is malfunctioning. Check it is plugged in to power. If it is receiving power but no water is coming out of the fountain head call your soda supplier for repair immediately.

Q: Only one soda station is not working?

A. This is not a problem caused by your CO2 supply system. Contact your soda supplier immediately.